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2023 Calendar of Events

Jan. Wnsdays.



Jan. 20

Jan. 27-Jan. 30

Feb. 5

Feb. 10

Feb. 19

Feb. 24

March Sundays

March 17 

March 21-26

March 28

April 8


April 11-13

April 16

April 23

April 28

May 17

May 21

May 2

June 2,3

June 12-16

June 18

June 27

June 28-July 2

Sunday PM's in July (6:00pm)

July 14

July 16

July 25

Sept 17

Sept 29

Oct. 28

Oct. 29-Nov 3

Nov. 5, pm

Nov. 7-10

Nov 16 - 7:00pm

Dec. 2-3 5:30pm-8:30pm

Dec. 12 6:30pm

Dec. 16, 10:30am

Dec. 17, am

Dec. 17, pm

Dec. 24

Dec. 31

"Living in The Light of Eternity Series by Steve Smith

Youth Ice Skating


Youth Convention

Youth Involvement Service


"February Date Night" (babysitting) 6:00-8:30pm

UBC PR Service - 6:00pm

"February Date Night"(babysitting) 6:00-8:30pm

Friend & Family Month

Youth Get-Together


Spring Revival

-Rev. Matt Ellison


Seniors & Friends

-Golden Corral at 11:30am

Kid's Easter Party




Ft. Myers Rescue Mission


GBS Choir Service, 6pm

Youth Get-Together


Youth Get-Together

(Support Dreamy Whip after church) - 7:30pm

Youth Involvment Service

Memorial Day Parade Outreach - 10am

Men's Camp Out

Pilgrim Youth Camp

Youth Involvement Service

VBS Community Calling, 6:30-8:30pm

Vacation Bible School


-with Ms. Frances Stetler

"Camp Meeting Time"

(camp meeting emphasis)

Youth Get Together

Baptismal Service

AWC PR Singing Group

 Missions Emphasis Day

Future and Finances Seminar

-w/ Attorney Ferguson

Family Fest

Fall Revival

-Rev. Paul Stetler

Youth Involvement Service

Cincinnati Local IHC

"Sisters" Ladies Meeting

Drive-Thru Christmas Play

Christmas Supper

Kid's Christmas Practice/Party

Kid's Christmas Play

Community Caroling

Christmas Eve Sunday Schedule

-no Sun. School

-10:30am service

-4:30pm, candlelight service

New Year's Eve Schedule

-9:45am, Sun. School

10:30am, worship service

-9-10pm, Watch Night Service

-10-11pm, Appetizer Fellowship

-11pm-12am, Hymn Sing & Prayer Times 

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