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2023 Calendar of Events

Jan. Wnsdays.



Jan. 20

Jan. 27-Jan. 30

Feb. 5

Feb. 10

Feb. 19

Feb. 24

March Sundays

March 17 

March 21-26

March 28

April 8


April 11-13

April 16

April 23

May 21

May 2

June 12-16

June 18

June 27

June 28-July 2

Oct. 22

Oct. 28

Oct. 29-Nov 3

Nov. 7-10

Dec. 2-3

Dec. 17, am

Dec. 17, pm

"Living in The Light of Eternity Series by Steve Smith

Youth Ice Skating


Youth Convention

Youth Involvement Service


"February Date Night" (babysitting) 6:00-8:30pm

UBC PR Service - 6:00pm

"February Date Night"(babysitting) 6:00-8:30pm

Friend & Family Month

Youth Get-Together


Spring Revival

-Rev. Matt Ellison


Seniors & Friends

-Golden Corral at 11:30am

Kid's Easter Party




Ft. Myers Rescue Mission


GBS Choir Service, 6pm

Youth Involvement Service

Memorial Day Parade Outreach - 10am

Pilgrim Youth Camp

Youth Involvement Service

VBS Community Calling, 6:30-8:30pm

Vacation Bible School


-with Ms. Frances Stetler

Youth Involvement Service

Family Fest

Fall Revival

-Rev. Paul Stetler

Cincinnati Local IHC

Drive-Thru Christmas Play

Kid's Christmas Play

Community Caroling

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