Darrell Stetler, Sr.

Darrell Stetler came to Burlington Bible Church in March of 1995 and assumed the role as assistant pastor. After eighteen months he transitioned to become the head pastor following a long illness and death of the pastor under which he was serving.


Prior to serving at this church, Darrell served four different congregations in the state of Alabama over the span of eleven years; he and his family also traveled seven years in Evangelistic work.


His tenure at this church, now expanding into its third decade, makes him the second longest tenured pastor at this church as well as the second longest in this community.


He currently serves on the board of Union Bible College and is also the treasurer for the Interchurch Holiness Convention. He is married to his sweetheart, Regina, and has four children: Darrell, Merrilee, Sherilyn & Kenny; he is also the proud Papa to 17 grandchildren. He enjoys basketball, collecting Case knives and spending time with family. You can contact him at darrellstetler@yahoo.com.

Andy Stroud

Andrew Stroud joined the staff of Burlington Bible Church as the Assistant Pastor in June of 2009 after serving five years as an employee of his Alma Mater, Union Bible College.

He previously held the position of Youth President for the International Conservative Holiness Association and he currently serves on the board of Union Bible College; he also serves as an Advisory Member of the Intercollegiate Ministerial Fellowship. His church responsibilities include preaching, overseeing the youth program, and assisting the pastor in any other role that is needed.


He is married to the love of his life, Sherilyn, and has four children Wilson, Marshall, Karilee and Ellisyn. He enjoys basketball, reading, and organizational projects. You can follow him on twitter @andrewrstroud; you can also contact him on email at pastorandystroud@gmail.com.