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Burlington Bible Church was begun in the 1930’s. Little is really known about those early days, but in 1953 Rev. Earl Weddle left God’s Bible School, a ministry training school in Cincinnati, Ohio, and came to pastor the congregation. Reverend Weddle and his family poured their hearts and souls into both the church and the community and faithfully served for 42 years as pastor. Their ministry and impact will never be forgotten.

Rev. Darrell Stetler was asked to join the staff in 1995 and then eventually became pastor following Bro. Earl Weddle’s illness and death. His ministry has focused on and succeeded in building strong families and creating a healthy, mature congregation. 


In 2009 Andrew Stroud and his wife were asked to join the staff as assistant pastor. In addition to this responsibility, his wife Sherilyn was asked to work with the children and together they would also work with the youth.


The year 2022 brought a lot of transitions at Burlington Bible Church.  With Bro Stetler wishing to retire as Senior Pastor, the church membership unanimously elected Andrew Stroud as his predecessor.  Under Bro. Stroud's leadership, two new church staff positions were added...Darrell Stetler staying on as Visitation Pastor and Eli Albring as Youth Director. 

Burlington Bible Church continues to serve this present generation after approximately 90 years of existence. God is blessing us with a healthy church that includes a good balance of all ages from children to senior citizens. The church is successfully nurturing those who have grown up within the church, as well as reaching into the community with the transforming message of the Gospel.


The exciting truth we hold to today is that the faithful God who has written the story of our past continues to write our story today.

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